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While many consumers acknowledge the environmental benefits of reusable bags, adopting the change can be challenging. Recent polls show the following four major barriers, each of which are carefully addressed in the Ecozuri offerings:
Survey data indicates that 53% of respondents own a reusable bag; 47% do not, but almost 90% of respondents say the primary reason they do not use a reusable bag every time they shop is because they forget.
The free forget-me-not reminder kit provided by Ecozuri places strategic reminder throughout the daily routines of your shopping trips. It helps you embrace the changes with ease and confidence.
Lots of people do not feel comfortable handing over reusable bags with large logos of the competitor' store to the cashiers, nor can they have the time to sort the bags by store before they go shopping.
Without any prominent store logo or promotional patterns, Ecozuri bags allow you check out at any store with a touch of style and grace.
Many of us reuse the free plastic bags as trash bags so that we don not need to buy the trash bin lining. (However, we usually bring home more than we need and end up throwing them away.)
We understand you want to keep the few plastic bags that still come your way for reuse. Ecozuri’s beautiful jute packaging bag can also serve a plastic bag recycler. It hangs nicely on your kitchen or pantry door to store those extra bags for reuse and recycling …
Cheap and unwashable reusable bags can be a breeding ground for bacteria if they get moist from foods.
All Ecozuri bags are machine washable and dry easily. The materials have a layer of water-proof coating, helping to prevent stains and leaking. Meanwhile, the cleaned bags are folded inside out, which minimizes the chance for bacteria or yeast to occur. Our individual pouch also effectively protects the bag from any contamination during storage.