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Are you planning a private or corporate event, or a product release in a month or two? Are you interested in helping promote the cause by offering quality custom made reusable bags as your gifts or promotional items? If you are, our service is for you …
    Provide design or sample
    and artwork
    Approve quote
    Order and approve counter
    Place full order
    Quality inspection
    Confirm delivery location
    Level 1:
    Customized logo and
    artwork on existing
    Ecozuri design
    Level 2:
    Customized logo and
    artwork on alternative
    Level 3:
    Complete new design
    Green material providers
    Artwork and design talents
    Manufacturing facilities
    Logistics service firms
    Accessory suppliers
    In print and silkscreen workshops
    Marketing leadership
Order process details
Provide design or sample and artwork
  • Plan your project (a. purpose of the items, b. general ideas of the design (or a sample that you want to follow), c. preferred material, d. expected in-hand day, e. logo or artwork used to decorate the items). Please note that you do not need to have everything ready, we will work with you to help you clarify the above.
  • Contact us with your plan by filing in our on-line inquiry form, sending us an e-mail or calling our toll free number. Once we are connected, we will work with you to start the process.
Approve quotate
  • We will provide a quotate within 24 hours after the initial sample is received or after all the specifications are confirmed. An initial estimated delivery time will be forwarded together with our quote (subject to final confirmation after the counter/prototype and the pricing are confirmed).
Order and approve counter sample
  • If you have an initial sample, we will develop a counter sample for your approval. If not, we will work with you to confirm the design, the material, the color, the accessories and the artwork as soon as possible. After that, a prototype will be sent to you for approval (Sample fee will apply).
Place full order
  • Once pricing, sample and delivery time are agreed upon, you can confirm your order by sending us a signed purchase order or a purchase contract. A deposit will be required for new customers and large orders.
Quality inspection
  • We will handle on site quality inspection for clients during the production process. We will communicate with and alert clients about any unexpected issues. Photos of the production process and work-in-process products can be provided upon request.
Confirm delivery location
  • A typical shipment by sea will take eight weeks to reach your designated U.S. locations. A shipment by air will take between one to four weeks. We will require the information of the delivery point ahead of time. On or before delivery date, we will inform you of the specific timing and contact for the delivery.