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Situated just 25 kilometers from Arusha and 20 kilometers from Kilimanjaro Airport, Imbaseni is a quiet, rural Meru village in North Tanzania.

For the 1,000 children in this village, there is only one school, Imbaseni Primary School. It is situated on a hill far away from the main road. Many of these children walk 4 hours, to and from school, every day. The school has only 11 classrooms. Many of the children have to study in shifts or attend classes in overcrowded classrooms and even under trees. Despite the lack of basic infrastructure, despite having no electricity and despite the 6 to 1 ratio of students to textbooks, the students at Imbeseni Primary have always led the region in academic performance in the national Secondary School entrance exam.

"There are so many things that we need help on, and I am embarrassed to mention all of them. However, if you can only help with one thing, please look inside yourself and see if there is a way to help us build more classrooms, so that our children can have better education." This is the plea that the Imbaseni village Chairman makes to those who might listen. "Our kids deserve better. They dream of having the same opportunities as other children in the world, and those dreams can be realized through education."
Take a tour of Imbaseni Primary
Located in the north part of the village, Imbaseni Primary was opened in 1971 with 45 student′s. In 2009, the total number of students has grown to 967. Theschool has 22 teachers and 11 classrooms.
Join us for a day at Imbaseni Primary
6:00am: Students and teachers cross the main road from the southern part of the village to go up the hill. It is 4.5 miles from here to the school. For those who live further south, they have already walked 2 miles to get to the main road….
Project Imbaseni is a collective effort between the local community of Imbaseni and external supporters. The aim of this project is:
  • To provide the children in the village of Imbaseni access to a quality education
  • To help the community establish and operate a profitable business that generates sufficient funds for small scale, on-going educational related projects
  • To further develop an effective model for improving education and self sufficiency through partnership among school, community and external supporters that can be replicated in other similar rural communities
In the current phase, we focus on:
  • Raising funds to mend key deficiencies in the Imbaseni Primary School′s basic infrastructure such as classrooms, textbooks, student toilets, and teacher′s houses
  • Organize the local community to donate land and provide construction labor support
  • Work with the Tanzania Tourism Board to design and develop an Imbaseni cultural tour for foreign tourists to generate self sustaining community funds
  • Tanzania overview
    Tanzania is a beautiful East African country with a rich mix of natural resources and landscapes including snowcapped Mt Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti Plains, and the white sands of Zanzibar′s Spice Islands.
  • Education in Tanzania
    In the past few decades the Tanzanian government has made significant efforts to improve the education sector of the country. However,despite such continuous efforts, the educational system in Tanzania still faces significant challenges.
  • Imbaseni village
    The village of Imbaseni is located in Maji ya Chai ward, Meru district, Arusha region of Northern Tanzania. It is located 25 miles from Arusha, the hub of the safari and trekking industry, along the main roads, frequented by the tourists who travel to Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater and other major attractions.

Project Imbaseni

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