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The custom-made program at Ecozuri is built upon a unique factory direct approach. Our clients can interact directly with our manufacturing partners on product designs, sample development and order execution. With such an approach, we can help our clients to achieve maximum cost savings by avoiding intermediaries, obtaining quick and accurate informational flows, and achieving strong flexibility in custom design.
Traditional approach

Typical challenges:

  • High transaction costs
  • Slow and inaccurate informational flows
  • Low flexibility
Ecozuri factory direct approach

Key advantages:

  • Effective cost savings by avoiding multi-layer distribution channels
  • Quick and accurate information flows
  • Consultative custom-made program support by manufacturers’ product development staff
Our strategic partner

Newsource Group, our strategic partner for the custom-made program, is a manufacturing and sourcing company for customized promotional products, accessories and corporate gifts. The company specializes in products of environmentally-friendly designs and materials. With 20 years experience in the industry and headquarters in both the U.S. and China, Newsource boasts an excellent reputation for their competitive pricing, personalized attention and strong product customization capabilities.

The key strength of Newsource Group as a manufacturing partner are:

  • Competitive overseas pricing: With direct access to their own overseas manufacturing base, the company can help clients to cut costs by at least 10%-25% percent in comparison to sourcing locally.
  • Timely and convenient local services: Newsource’s 24 hour US-based sales office and service center provides quick response, personalized service and reliable long term business partnership support.
  • In-depth knowledge of environmentally-friendly materials and designs: As a pioneer in manufacturing eco-theme promotional products, Newsource Group is highly experienced in sourcing and authenticating organic, recycled and other eco-conscious materials to meet clients’ needs.
  • Strong product customization capabilities: The Newsource team consists of experienced staff in design, manufacturing, printing, embroidery and procurement.  We have helped clients to successfully complete more than 10,000 large-scale orders for customized products; many of them started from prototype development.
  • Fast, door-to-door delivery: With a well-established global shipping, exporting, importing, warehousing and delivery network, Newsource Group can provide fast and timely delivery to clients’ designated destinations around the world.

Ecozuri is excited to enter a strategic partnership with Newsource Group for our custom-made program.
Collectively, we will help our corporate/wholesale clients to  achieve the best procurement performance in their “go green” efforts.