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How does Ecozuri differ from other reusable bag brands?

  • We focus on providing convenience and benefits for people who want to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and contribute to the preservation of the environment. Our forget-me-not kit offers a friendly reminder and versatile utility for Ecozuri reusable bag users. With significant cost savings and seamless service, our factory direct custom-made program adds great value to our corporate clients’ green corporate gift or eco packaging efforts.
  • We come to you with years of experience in bag making. Our product is a result of in-depth consumer research, rigorous material authentication and manufacturer audit. We make sure your Ecozuri bags represent the best in terms of value, utility and design.
  • We link our cause in environmental preservation with education and development efforts for children in poverty around the world. We take an active role in both causes through our business and non-profit involvement. We believe environment and education are the most important causes to make the world a better place for many generations to come. Individual efforts, big or small, can make a difference in these causes.
Why Tanzania?

  • Everyone who has ever visited the Seregenti plain and seen the snowcapped Kilimanjaro would never forget Tanzania’s natural beauty and well preserved wildlife. It was the close encounter with Mother Nature there that inspired the founder of Ecozuri to start a social enterprise to advocate for an eco-conscious lifestyle. It was also there that she witnessed the heart-breaking needs for better education among the poor but high spirit Tanzanian children. “Zuri” means “beautiful” in Swahili. We hope Ecozuri will help to make the world a better place to live for everyone, through preserving our environment and brining education and hope to the children in need. Our educational project will start in Tanzania.  We hope we will expand our reach to vulnerable children in other parts of the world as our business grows.
Why 100% Recycled RPET?

  • It is more expensive than virgin PET or mixed PET fabric that is used by a lot of other reusable bag brands. However, we choose it for Ecozuri products without hesitation for the following reasons. First, it is a great way to promote plastic recycling. Each of our bags and our customers can help to spread the awareness of plastic recycling. Nothing is more convincing than showing a piece of attractive product made from recycled plastics and reminding people that they can contribute to it. Second, with the support from our efficient supply chain network, we will not charge a green premium to our RPET products like others do. We can help more buyers to get access to this recycled material at a very reasonable price.  The certified 100% RPET fabric used in Ecozuri bag is made from recycled plastics collected and processed in the U.S. We want to make a tangible positive impact on the environment around us.
How does Ecozuri's 100% RPET reusable bags differ from other lower percentage RPET bags in the market?

  • The 100% RPET content of Ecozuri means the fabric of our bags is made from 100% recycled PET materials. Many other “RPET” reusable bags in the market only contain 30% to 50% recycled content. They either have a heavy layer of virgin plastic lamination on the RPET base, or are woven with 50% virgin and 50% recycled yarn. The key advantage of using low percentage RPET fabric is lower material and inventory costs for the bag makers. However, the production of such bags consumes a large amount of virgin plastics which can lead to less than favorable impacts to the environment. Ecozuri’s products, on the contrary, contain only 100% recycled RPET collected and processed in the U.S. The pure, recycled material content of our bags is certified by the U TrustTM verification program of Unifi (NYSE: UFI), an industry leader in manufacturing “Repreve” 100% recycled yarn. Using Ecozuri bags, our customers can be proud and confident of the real impacts of their contribution to the green cause.
Where are Ecozuri bags made?

  • Ecozuri is an international new venture. From day one, we organized our supply chain internationally. Our raw material producers locate in the U.S. or in other parts of the world where the special crops (e.g. organic cotton, hemp) are grown. Our art and design team come from the U.S. and India.  Our manufacturing facilities are located in China. Our marketing and customer service staff are based in both the U.S. and Asia. With an optimized global network of talents and resources, we deliver only the best products and services to our clients.
Does Ecozuri have its own retail outlet?

  • Not yet. We are actively exploring partnerships with various retail chains and boutique stores. If you are a retailer interested in our products, please feel free to contact our marketing department at
How does Ecozuri’s custom-made program help clients maximize savings?

  • When our clients work with our custom-made program, they deal directly with a bag manufacturer rather than layers of distributors in the sales channel. We can help our clients cut procurement costs by at least 15% by offering factory direct service. Meanwhile, our 24 hour global service team can provide our clients unparalleled quick response that leads to significant time saving in their decision process.
Why is minimal order quantity required for the custom-made program?

  • To allow clients absolute flexibility in developing their own bag design, we do not preset a fixed color choices in fabric or keep inventory of blank bags. Instead, we run a made to order process according to each client’s specific needs. Some of our audited material suppliers do set minimal quantity requirements for normal batch production set up. In turn, we strongly advise our clients to order above minimal order quantities to avoid paying unnecessarily high unit prices.