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PET, or PolyEthylene Terephtalate, is the raw material for more than 31% plastic bottles in the U.S. market. RPET is a post consumption materials made from recycled PET. See the following recycling process for PET:
If the current virgin PET recycling rate does not change significantly, 40 billion pounds of PET waste will be added to our landfills within only a decade. To battle such environmental challenges, America’s plastics and recycling industries have invested over $2 billion in developing technologies and the infrastructure to recycle plastics in communities across the nation. In 2008, the total pounds of plastic bottles recycled reached a record high 2,410 million pounds. A significant part of the RPET is export after being processed in the U.S.

The difference between virgin PET and Recycled PET is extremely small. A study by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) showed that consumers could not tell the difference between products made of recycled material. The environmental benefits of Recycled PET are phenomenal. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2/3 less energy is required to manufacture products made out of recyclable plastic. Other studies show that the production of recycled plastic requires 2/3 less sulphur dioxide, 50% less nitrous oxide, and almost 90% less water usage.

Ecozuri products are made from 100% recycled PET collected and processed in the U.S. Each of our bags was made from RPET equivalent to 5 to 6 plastic water bottles.