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“Zuri” means “good and beautiful” in Swahili, a beautiful language spoken in East Africa. Ecozuri, Inc. offers environmentally conscious, habit changing products to help people embrace an more eco-friendly lifestyle. We also contribute up to 10% of our revenue to support education for children living in poverty in rural Africa.

At Ecozuri, we believe individual efforts, big or small, can collectively change the world for the better.

Ecozuri, Inc., a California-based company, was established in 2008 after the founder of the company returned from her volunteer works in East Africa. She combined her long time passion for environmental preservation, her global sourcing networks in textile business, and her determination to help a village school in Tanzania into a social enterprise that focuses on retail and factory direct wholesale of high quality reusable shopping bags.

On the retail side, Ecozuri’s RPET “forget-me-not” complete bag set and 3-in-1 bag sets have been launched in the U.S. market. Designed with deep insights in reusable bag adoption, Ecocuri’s products show strong advantages over other competitive reusable bags in the market:

  • Easy to carry - All bags are foldable and can fit in a pocket, on a key chain, or in a purse
  • Effective reminder - The reminder kit, which include door bag, steering wheel/refrigerator handle wrap, and keychain/handbag buckle, fit strategically into your shopping routine to help you remember reusable your bags
  • Stylish - Our designs and color choices are chic enough to match any outfits and styles
  • Responsible – Fabrics for all of our Ecozuri bags are made from certified recycled plastic collected and processed in the U.S.
  • Hygiene – Our bags are machine washable, and quick to dry. They also come with water-resistant coating
  • Versatile - Items are multi-functional to maximize utility.
Factory direct wholesale custom-made program

As a factory-direct wholesale supplier, Ecozuri's custom-made program serves the eco-gifting and green promotional product needs for our clients. We have a close network of raw material suppliers, manufacturers and service providers across the world. Our strong value proposition includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Competitive pricing: With direct access to our partner's overseas manufacturing base, we help our clients to cut costs by at least 10%-15% percent in comparison to sourcing locally.
  • Timely and convenient local services: The program's 24 hour US-based sales office and service center provides quick response, personalized service and reliable long term business partnership support.
  • Strong product customization capabilities: Our team consists of experienced staff in design, manufacturing, printing, embroidery and procurement.  We have helped clients to successfully complete more than 10,000 large-scale orders for customized products; many of them started from prototype development.
  • Low minimal order quantity: Our customization program accommodates orders of small quantity, providing clients easy access to low cost and tailored sourcing options
  • In-depth knowledge of environmentally friendly materials and designs: As a pioneer in manufacturing eco-theme promotional products, we are experienced in sourcing and authenticating organic, recycled and other eco-conscious materials to meet clients’ needs.
  • Fast, door-to-door delivery: With an established global shipping, importing, warehousing and delivery network, we provide fast and timely delivery to clients’ designated destinations around the world.